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Sharpening shear blade on sander in Galveston

Welcome to Island Edge Sharpening

Mobile Knife Sharpening
Service in Galveston, Texas

Mobile Services Available!


For Stylists

Stick with smooth styling by keeping your hair shears in shape.

For Chefs

Keep your line knives & cleavers sharp.

For Gardeners

Garden loppers

Pruners, garden shears, and loppers need cleaning, sharpening, tension adjustment and lubrication.

Thread scissors

For Tailors

Sharpen and adjust regular, corrugated, pinking shears for stressfree work.

CJ sharpening a machete in Galveston


Island Edge Sharpening specializes in knife and shear sharpening based in Galveston, Texas. We are passionate about keeping your knives, shears, and industrial blades sharp and ready for use. We believe that a sharp knife is a safe knife and want to make sure your knives are always in top condition. We are certified, trained, and equipped to sharpen all types of beauty supplies, restaurant supplies, scissors, knives, and shears through ISSA.


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