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Owner and Operator

I provide Professional Sharpening for Stylist Shears, Scissors, Knives, and Garden tools.

A Bit About Me

In 2019 I saw a need for sharpening services on Galveston Island.  Being a retired Commercial Diver, I knew knife and tool sharpening and started Island Edge Sharpening, doing business under my company CJK ENTERPRISES LLC. 

I procured general liability insurance and the best knife sharpening equipment available worldwide. 


Originally my focus was for sharpening knives for the home chef, restaurants, fish markets, industry etc.  I began networking with sharpeners worldwide and honed my craft.  For knife sharpening I use a water wheel system from Sweden complete with a variety of 250mm wheels- diamond, aluminum crystal, 4000 grit Japanese water stones and even compressed wool for sharpening serrated knives.


It wasn't long before I got repeated requests to sharpen scissors and stylist shears.  Truth is scissor and shear sharpening requires an entirely different skill set and equipment than knives do. Then along comes the pandemic lockdowns.  What to do with all that free time while businesses are shut down? Learn a new skill - shear sharpening!

Well, I did it.  I got the equipment, training and certification to sharpen all types of scissors and shears through online, online live, in-person hands on training and certification through ISSA.

Special thanks to:

Mr. Glen Burke, Master Sharpener and trainer at "Wolff Industries" for countless hours of training on Wolff's Ookami Gold and Hira To sharpening systems.

Mrs. Bonnie McGowan, Owner of "Bonika Shears" for sharing her twenty plus years of experience in the industry, "fine tuning my techniques, evaluating and critiquing my work during the ISSA certification process.  

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