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CJ sharpening shears on 6k whetstone

For the Stylist

  • Repair

  • Adjust

  • Test

  • Lubricate

  • Inspect

  • Test

  • Clean

  • Sharpen

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Pile of hair shears to be sharpened
Sharpening hair shears on sander
Close up hair thinning shears

The Mechanics of a Hair Shear

Stylist Shears are complex instruments, performing complex tasks for skilled artisans. You need quality and we are here to help. Island Edge Sharpening is Galveston, Texas' answer to sharp scissors.


Your sharpener is the “mechanic” who cleans, adjusts, sharpens, and tunes your shears for best performance. Proper care will ensure your investment lasts for years. With Galveston County's coastal environment, scissors, and shears are even more susceptible to damage and decay.


For any shear, there are three significant elements that must work together seamlessly for the shear to perform at its best.  This is known by the acronym “TEA” – that is: 


Tension - Blade tension is adjusted by the pivot screw. This is easily corrected by adjusting the pivot screw / replacing worn out washer(s), clicker plates etc.   


Edge – The Rideline around the pivot area and the inside of the cutting edge of the blade must be honed flat by hand and the blade outer edge correctly sharpened. Just sharpening the edge will get you nowhere.   


Alignment –How the blades pass each other must be tested and restored if necessary.  There are several aspects to this. For example, this may involve bending the blades back into alignment, bending the handles if the tips don’t cross. 


If your beauty supplies don’t cut like they did when new, then one (or more) of these elements is the culprit.  A competent sharpener can diagnose this and tell you what’s going on before he/she begins work. 


IF you don’t know or are not sure of your sharpener's skill ask them to diagnose a pair of shears before they sharpen.  Don’t tell them what you already know. If they can’t give you a very close approximation of what’s wrong before they disassemble, show them the door.  

Island Edge is Galveston's solution to sharp shears.

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Authorized distributor for Bonika Shears.


International Scissor Sharpener's Association -Sharpeners Certification No. 313047

Bonika Shears certificate of training- "Shear mechanics and sharpening". Atlanta GA.​

Wolff Industries certificate of completion- "advanced sharpening and repair of scissors and shears". Spartanburg SC.

Member - National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild.

Sharpening today's stylist shear innovations require the latest in sharpening equipment, training and techniques.  To this end I am in constant collaboration with other sharpeners worldwide.

Shear Care for the Stylist

Want to pay your sharpener less often? 


Follow these tips to get more life out of your shears: 

  • Clean your shears regularly. 

  • Store in a safe secure space (I know, I know… throwing them in the drawer relieves tension but your shears will get you back for it).   

  • Oil the pivot area regularly (I can recommend Camillia oil etc.) 

  • Most important of all is how to adjust the pivot screw to keep the right tension on the blades.  Too loose will damage your shears, too tight will damage your shears. and If you’re not sure how to set adjustment call me I’ll be more than glad to come by and show you on YOUR shears.  

  • Put bluntly (pun intended) Shears are the tools of your trade and good shears can be a costly investment.  Good habits will keep them going for years. 

Trimming the Ends of hair
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