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Trimming Leaves with lopper

For the

Garden lopper
  • Sharpen

  • Repair

  • Fixing Chips, Dings, & Broken Tips

  • Lubricate

Anything to get your tools back into business, I can fix it. Clippers, loppers, pruning shears, and more!

Mobile Services Available!

CJ sharpening machete
Pruners before sharpening
Garden shears to be sharpened
Felco pruners to be sharpened

Island Edge Sharpening can
“Tune Up” your Garden tools.


Sharpens – Machetes, Cane Knives, Mower Blades etc.
These are sharpened to a new working edge, chips, dings, broken tips can be re-profiled to add years to the useful life of the tool.

Pruners, Lopping Shears etc. These usually need to be disassembled, rust removed, cleaned, sharpened, reassembled, lubricated and adjusted to correct
pivot tension.

Drop them off and give ISLAND EDGE SHARPENING
24 hours to restore these to like-new performance.

Once Island Edge Sharpening has restored your garden tools it’s a good idea to clean, dry and lightly coat your tools with a little light machine oil (like 3-in-One oil) before long term storage.

Note: Island Edge Sharpening can often locate “hard to find” discontinued parts for FELCO & CORONA Garden Tools. Talk to ISLAND EDGE SHARPENING before you throw those hand me down Pruners out, they’re expensive to replace!

Island Edge Sharpening is Galveston County's answer to sharper, safer garden tools. 

Contact us today!

We offer customized plans and flat fee rate to best serve Galveston, Texas.

We offer mobile sharpening at your location or pick up and delivery with "Loaners" provided.  No fees added for travel anywhere on Galveston Island.

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