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Cutting Salmon Sashimi

For the

  • Sharpen

  • Repair

  • Fixing Chips, Dings, & Broken Tips

Anything to get your knives back into business, we can fix it. Chef knives to cleavers, boning, paring, and serrated knives.

Mobile Services Available!

Galveston Chefs, you deserve better! Here’s a comparison to help you choose between a local sharpener and a big box knife leasing / exchange service.

In lieu of a local professional sharpener, “Knife Leasing” (often called knife exchange programs) offers restaurants, butchers etc. a simple solution to keeping usable cutlery in their kitchen inventory, for a set fee service agreement.

Local professional sharpeners have, for the most part, gone the way of the Milk Man. Until now.  Island Edge Sharpening brings Galveston County flexible, personalized sharpening directly to your kitchen at prices below the big knife leasing companies.


Let’s do a little comparison shopping between the Local Sharpener and the big box knife leasing company.

Mobile Island Edge Sharpening Van
CJ sharpening knife
CJ sharpening knife in booth
Broken tip og knife before sharpening
Fixed broken knife
Lot of knives to be sharpened
Knives and shears to be sharpened
CJ sharpening cleaver at market

For Restaurants

Still using a knife exchange? 
Let me offer my sincerest condolences.

Call to set up an appointment.

I show up at your restaurant with my sharpening studio van. 
I sharpen your line knives, restaurant supplies, etc.
I accept cash, credit, check and Venmo.

W9 tax info and liability insurance provided.

For Home Chefs

How it Works-

Call to set up an appointment.

I show up at a place your choosing with my sharpening studio van. 
I sharpen your knives, garden tools, etc.
I accept cash, credit, check and Venmo.

No charge for travel anywhere on Galveston Island.

We offer customized plans and flat fee rates to best serve Galveston County.

Let us collaborate with your Executive Chef and GM to get you on a fixed schedule that works for you.

We offer mobile sharpening at your location or pick up and delivery with "Loaners" provided.  No fees are added for travel anywhere on Galveston Island. Ask us about off island travel.

Care for your Knives

Now that Island Edge Sharpening has restored your knife edges “New” and tested to Brubacher Edge Sharpness Scale.   


  • Hand wash and dry.  Do not put in dishwasher. The hot water can swell and shrink handles eventually causing them to get loose and your dishwasher doesn’t need a bunch of micro scratches in the plastic baskets. 

  • Keep knives in butcher block or sheath, do not leave them “freestyle” banging around in a drawer etc. 

  • Use Plastic or wood cutting boards only.  No glass. 

  • When scraping those diced onions off the cutting board into the pot use the spine of the knife, not the beveled edge.  (My biggest faux pas). 

  • Use the right tool for the job.  If you’re a fan of Japanese style knives consider a cleaver for the “heavy” work (cartilage, bone etc.) every household in Japan has at least one cleaver. 

  • Before you throw that knife with the broken tip, chips, loose handles or cracks check with a sharpener. Often these knives can be repaired or repurposed. For example, a 8”chef knife with a broken tip can be re-profiled into a 7-1/2” chef knife. 

Wooden Chopping Board
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