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Cutting Fabric with fabric scissors

For the

Thread shears
  • Sharpen

  • Repair

  • Fixing Chips, Dings, & Broken Tips

Anything to get your tools back into business, I can fix it. Fabric scissors, pinking shears, corrugated scissors, and more!

Mobile Services Available!

Tailor's Shears
Cutting Fabric with fabric scissors
Sewing scissors

Island Edge Sharpening provides sharpening, repair, and restoration services for all makes of sewing scissors. This includes:


Knife Edge such as Ginghers.


Corrugated (often called serrated) Island Edge Sharpening can remove worn corrugations and file new corrugations on most blades.


Pinking Shears While not all pinking shears can be sharpened (especially ones previously sharpened by persons without proper training) Island Edge Sharpening can inspect the shears and give you your options.


Island Edge Sharpening carries an extensive assortment of replacement washers etc, for your scissors.


With all shears “TEA”- Tension, Edge, and Alignment are the three main elements that “make or break” scissors function. Island Edge Sharpening addresses all these issues when working on your scissors.


NOTE:  Be sure to let me know what you cut with the scissors (natural or synthetic fibers) and how you cut (slide or straight cutting) this makes a difference in the sharpening process.

Galveston Texas seamstresses and tailors unite. Island Edge Sharpening wants to put the power in your hands. 

Contact us today!

I offer customized plans and flat fee rates.

I offer mobile sharpening at your location or pick up and delivery with "Loaners" provided.  No fees added for travel anywhere on Galveston Island.

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